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Rate Games

You can now rate game entries in your collection and the highest rated games (starting with a score higher than 79%) will be shown in your collection overview !


... is now available in our database Evercade

Currently Playing Overview

Since I always loose track about which games in my collection are marked as "currently playing", I added an overview for that to the collection page. Hope it helps some of you too:

User Search

We now have a "real" User Search .

Quick-Links For Statistics

A little feature to kick off the new year . We now have a few quick-links for querying predefined periods for your statistics:


We have new Collectibles in our database - Welcome Skylanders!

Filters For Lists

Its now possible to filter you collection, log book, wish list,... by some criteria. So in case you were wondering which games you never played from your collection - take a look at the game overview and filter for it .

Now also available in English!

Finally, after quite some time, we have an English translation . Please be kind, its totally 'home-made' and not professional in anyway . Be prepared for spelling and grammar mistakes .

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