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Consoleprofiler offers you the posibility to track lists of games and/or hardware. These lists can represent your collection or could be somekind of backlog, of games you played for example this year. You can also create lists about games you are looking for, or games you are selling. Basis for this is our database filled with lots of games and hardware that you can enhance and edit. Last but not least, for stuff which is not in our database (e. g. some merchandise, soundtracks, ...) you can create so called 'item' lists, where you can track whatever you like.
All you require for adding or editing entries is an account. If you are logged in you will see buttons on the top of the page for contributing to the database, in addition, if you open a game or hardware, you will see edit buttons if the game is not locked yet.
Adding a new platform is a bit more work, because it somehow has to be filled with games and hardware. Thus, if a platform you need is missing, please contact us in the community board and together we will work out a plan on how to add the missing platform.
These are mainly 'Toys To Life', like for example Amiboo- or Starlink figures. The main difference to 'items' is that Collectibles are managed by the Consoleprofiler Team in the database.
Since the number of available "Collectibles" is managable, we try to pre-fill all of them by ourselves in the database. Still, if there is one missing, please let us know via the community board or via .
The easiest way is to use the quick search slot on the top of the page. Just enter the game you are looking for and the best matching games from our database will be shown. On the right-hand-side of the result you see 'add buttons' for every list of your account. If you want to manage further details of the entry (like your purchase price) you have to switch to your list and change these details there.

Another possibility is to add games/hardware from the detail page of a game or hardware. On every detail page you see on the right-hand-side all different list types, where you can add the game/hardware to one of your lists just by clicking . If you add games/hardware from the detail page, you will directly see a dialog where you can add information like purchase date.

Sadly, this can happen. If there is an incorrect entry in the database and you added it to your list, it might be removed. We still try to replace it with the correct entry, than you should not notice, but in rare cases we have to delete entries .
The Consoleprofiler Team can lock details of a game/hardware entry if we are certain that the information is correct. If you come across some wrong but locked information, please use to report that.
Most probably we removed write rights from your account. This can happen if there were some vilations to our rules. Please keep in mind, that even without 'write rights', you still can manage your lists. You just cannot edit games/hardware in our database. In case you would like your write rights back, feel free contacting us in the community board.
If you have a good idea about missing functionality, please contact us via the community board or .

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